About Cyrus

Cyrus floor is HTBC flooring’s proprietary brand which features the most comprehensive collection of innovative products ranging from waterproof laminate, Luxury Vinyl, and the family of rigid core products.

At Cyrus Floors, we believe we can make a difference. Our floor is 100% committed to good quality, innovative technology, and affordable price. We share a passion for beautifying living & working spaces, not only bringing you the unique floor covering colors and styles but also the right price. For the creation of each collection, we went searching for a mystical intersection of great design, lasting performance, mindful sustainability, and price affordability. We are happy to share this pioneering combination of striking visuals and advanced technology which moves us all forward.

The core value of Cyrus Floors is to bring our customers the latest styles of flooring and better service, yet never forget the quality and sustainability of the floor. Each line of our product is FloorScore certified thus meeting the world’s strictest indoor air quality standards. To protect you and your family, we set strict standards when we choose our manufacturers. All our manufacturers have a good reputation and are known for quality control across the world.

Enjoy your new Cyrus floor with stunning looks and exceptional value.